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Intakes and assessments will begin over June to officially start in July.

Habit Based Transformations

Without restriction or

dieting and only 2-3 workouts a week!

Join us and you'll discover ...

Bulletproof your relationship with food

END food anxiety and learn there is no 'good' or 'bad' foods, no such thing as 'fattening' food and that you can have treats and takeaways and still remain on track.

Train in a private studio with no more than 2 others

 Full Training Programme based on your current ability and goal.

A coach always by your side to demonstrate and help with everything!      

Recipe Packs including shopping list and meal planner.

 I'll get you organised and on top of your food prep and show you how food can be fuel and not something to be fearful of!     

A coach that knows your name

The closest you can get to personal training at a fraction of the price, with a coach who always is going to keep you accountable.

Accountability = Consistency

Consistency = RESULTS


What people say

Not only did I lose 18 pounds, I also gained a wealth of knowledge from Cathal.

I kept this weight off AND LOST EVEN MORE since thanks to everything I learned!

Cathal cares about the mental and emotional well-being of clients as well as physical.

I had always battled with weight and did not know where to begin but Cathal makes things simple to understand hence why results happen.

I would highly recommend Cathal to anyone wanting to make a difference to their lifestyle.

Fiona B

I was in a rut due a new job, long hours, and travel.

I needed to break this cycle so I joined Foundation Fitness. The training is great because it is tailored to me and is designed to ensure I'm continually progressing. Designed for you means you don't have to think about anything, just show up! I really like this as it feels like your session is efficient; you get the most out of your time and get a good overall workout.

Constant progress every session, and I'm feeling the difference when doing other sports like surfing and everyday life. Some gyms can feel intimidating but Foundation has a very chilled out, friendly vibe. Everyone's welcoming but not overbearing, and you're not in competition with anyone. The trainers motivate but don't pressure you and are always happy to answer any questions.

Knowing the trainer is waiting for me to show up to my session works for me - there have been a lot of dark, miserable Monday mornings that I would've just stayed in bed for an extra hour instead of going to a normal gym!

Kelly Matthews

I first started with Cathal January 2019 and by May I had learnt how to lift weights properly and safely.

I also learned how to manage my calories while still enjoying and having a life.

I lost a full 8 kg along the way!

Cathal is smart, friendly and I always looked forward to my training when working with him! Couldn't recommend him more to anyone wanting to make a change"

Hanna O'Driscoll

Meet your Coaches!

We've been helping and guiding people to successfully lose weight, tone up and gain tons of confidence in themselves for over a decade combined.

We've both achieved our own transformations, sporting endavors and life experiences, and the things we learned along the way were what we are most passionate to talk about, the small simple tips and practical ideas that transformed our lives.

We realised we could help people overcome the frustration and overwhelm of having no accountability or consistency

It was our light bulb moment, that we could help countless others by working together as a team.

Our results speak for themselves, 1000's of hours invested on the gym floor and working closely with people, countless euros invested in education to breakdown the 'why's and how's' of what people need and want and the end result is so many lives changed and literal tonnes of body fat lost along the way!

What comes with delivering those results, is the confidence we have in what we do.

We absolutely guarantee you will get results if you follow our simple, step by step guidance!

Although this is normally a monthly committment, and because you've worked with me in the past...

We want to offer you two weeks at just €49.

This way you can feel the benefit and then decide if you want to continue your journey with us.

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